Graphite Black Chain Wax Benefit?

Our new GRAPHITE FORMULA goes on the same way as our original but runs smoother longer. We're seeing the lubrication last about 10% longer on road rides.

Use this formula on the road or dirt when you're looking for the longest intervals between waxing!

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How-To Hot-Wax *VIDEO LINK*

Here’s a short little video demonstrating proper technique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J26iZZlliPQ

Our only additional notes would be:

  • The crock pot is low temp and requires up to 3 hours to melt the wax. You can put a little water in the base of the crock pot to help with conductivity and that will speed up the melting process.
  • Let the chain soak in the wax for at least 2 minutes while agitating.

Be sure to clean the chain thoroughly before hot waxing! We recommend an ultrasonic clean. :)

What are the amazing scents of the SPECTRUM waxes?!

Yellow – Banana

Green – Lime

Blue – Grape

Orange – Orange

Red – Cherry

Pink – Bubble Gum

Original scent is Cherry - keep your eyes peeled for a car air freshener and a candle in this scent!

How well does the chain wax work in MUDDY conditions?

The wax really does excel in dry conditions being a dry lube….it does still perform well in the wet and mud however you will need to clean and reapply after each wet ride.

How long will the lube on a factory waxed chain last?

Compared to our rub on formula this chain will stay lubricated approximately twice as long. Our test data shows 1600 km at 270w with no wear or squeaks. Weather and environment will effect these numbers, water reduces longevity significantly. Once the original wax coating wears off, you can simply reapply with our rub on formula.

What are the advantages of WEND over the other ordinary lube products in the market?

The main point of difference is it provides a Clean, Quiet, Efficient, Dry drivetrain with a rub on application.

How do I fully clean a chain before waxing?

For the initial cleaning a Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner loaded with water and simple green works best and is most cost effective for multiple chain cleanings. This process works well for waxed chains too as long as the temp is 55c.  Followed by this application method. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NahOIR-4lwM

Our Wax-Off formulas is actually a sophisticated blend of citrus based solvents, waxes, and other key ingredients to cut wax quickly while leaving behind a trace amount of wax. This is the preferred method to clean if you don’t have a heated ultrasonic cleaner.

Before waxing, please begin with a CLEAN and DRY chain!

Hot waxing my bike chain- how hot?

Low melt temps are key…the wax should never go over 230F so crock pots are ideal. Hot waxing is by far the best way to wax… just make sure you degrease the chain fully before. On our test rig the hot waxed chains are running 1000 miles silently.

Chain Wax Build Up- How can I remove it?

A little bit of wax build up is normal, you can try & limit this with the amount of wax you apply. The wax-off product that should do the trick when applied to the microfiber towel and running the chain through the saturated towel. If there is still build-up on the chain and bike, personally we like to use a stiff nylon brush to clean pulleys or even a brass brush to clean the cassette.  The warmer the wax the easier it is to clean.

I’ve just purchased your bike chain wax. Do I only apply it to the chain? How about the chain rings?

Yes you only need to apply to the chain…and focus on working the wax deep into the rollers. The deeper the wax penetrates the better the performance. Here is another technique I like to use on a clean dry chain for the initial application. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NahOIR-4lwM

I'm really interested in trying out your product on my bikes but wanted to know what to do with a brand new chain with factory coating on it. Do I remove this by soaking it in degreaser before applying wax?

The absolute best way is to hot wax the chain….you can order up one of our Hot Wax Kits online…or just get the 10oz tin and carefully melt the wax and dip your chain yourself. If you use this method, just leave the factory oil on the chain and submerse into the wax for a few minutes while agitating. For the rub on wax method, it’s best to clean the chain from all factory oils prior to waxing. I recommend using this technique for the initial application to ensure proper chain saturation is achieve.

Will WEND work on my mountain bike?

WEND works great on MTBs! Being a dry lube WEND really excels in dusty environments. For MTBing it’s crucial to get proper saturation of the chain so I recommend using this method. The way the wax is designed to work is to shed dust and dirt, while leaving a coat of wax on the chain. Of course, if you’re getting caked in mud, your chain will too. But it should be easier to clean with WEND applied first, and should keep your chain lubed longer in MTB environments.

How would you recommend cleaning your cassette, chain ring and derailers when using the WEND bike wax?

We offer a WAX-OFF cleaner specifically for our system. It cleans the wax off beautifully. Degreasers will tend not to work since the wax will need a solvent based cleaner to cut….our cleaner has a citrus based solvent in the formula that works very well. We’ve also had customers brush off the cassette with a brass brush which is soft enough to not damage the cassette but strong enough to brush away any wax residue.

I'm using the wax on my chain for stationary rides and notice some wax falling off onto the floor. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal for WEND….the wax is designed to SHED as it’s being used…this helps rid the chain of contaminants as well as reduce wax build up. If you would like to see less shedding you can try this application method using less wax.

How often do I need to re-wax my chain?

This of course will vary depending on conditions and drivetrains. With SRAM RED 22 chains we have reports of people riding 300-500 miles between application….same with 11speed shimano dura ace chains. Personally, we like to apply wax every 5 hours of ride time. Since no two chains are the same it’s difficult to assess over the internet…however we do have some more aggressive application methods to help the wax penetrate into the chain for those stubborn rollers. We always say to use sound as an indicator of needing to wax again.

Where can I purchase WEND wax?

Call us for information on the local rep closest to you or to order direct!

WEND® Manufactured by Wax Research, Inc.
1212 Distribution Way
Vista, CA 92006

Toll Free: 800.9000.WAX(929)
Call: (760) 607-0850
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Is your WEND wax natural?

Our WEND Performance Wax is natural and biodegradable. It is derived from Hydrocarbon molecules that occur naturally in the environment. Hydrocarbons are eliminated in the environment through microbial populations. They are degraded primarily through bacteria & fungi. Unlike PFOA’s that never biodegrade, Hydrocarbons disperse and emulsify into the environment to speed up the biodegradation process.

What about allergies?

Since the wax is derived from fully refined vegetable oil, allergenic proteins aren’t present.

Are there other natural ski waxes available in the industry?

Yes. Our competitors have attempted to follow the natural, biodegradable route for Performance Snow Wax. There have been efforts to use soy-based & other vegetable waxes in the production of ski/snow waxes. However, these alternatives performed poorly lacking durability and glide. Like many products in the “Green Revolution,” initial attempts of creating a natural snow wax were sub-par. There is currently no comparable natural additive to WEND natural Meadowfoam Snow Wax to achieve efficient speed and strength. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

Are there any skin/eye irritation concerns when using Meadowfoam wax?

There are no concerns with skin or eye irritation on the material we use in our Meadowfoam Snow wax.

Why is WEND HF Fluoro Race wax better?

We use a classified Non-Hazardous blend that if used properly, ie: low heat melt, mask, & proper ventilation, produce negligible side effects.

What are PFOA’s?

PFOA, or Perfluorooctanoic Acid, is a fluorocarbon molecule present in fluoro-wax. It is a non-naturally occurring substance. It is the most effective method for increasing durability, speed and hydrophobia in ski wax. Yet, it also has the most environmental impact. Fluoro waxes release harmful gasses when melted into skis. They are the most persistent synthetic chemicals known. Once large quantities are in the body, it takes decades to get them out-if you were exposed to no more. They are toxic to humans with health effects from stroke to cancer to bloody noses and desiccated respiratory passages. PFOA’s pose potentially harmful risks to environment when shed from the base of skis into the snowpack, carried down watersheds in the spring as a non-biodegradable, toxic molecule. PFOA’s will not be released into the environment from the finished products of WEND Meadowfoam Snow Wax, or from the manufacturing process of the WEND Meadowfoam Snow Wax.

My iron was smoking while using Meadowfoam. What are the hazards that I am susceptible to?

Our natural Meadowfoam wax does not contain PFOA’s. The liquid oil in Meadowfoam has a flash point greater than 300°Celsius (572°F), so there isn’t any acute hazard relating to heating. The hydrogenated Meadowfoam Oil should have a smoke point of 456°F and a flash point of 510°F. If the oil does begin to degrade, anything released will be comparable to the degradation products released during cooking or frying, so there aren’t concerns. The wax is composed primarily of triglycerides of arachidic acid and behenic acid. These materials are present in common food materials and are used broadly in personal care and industrial applications.

How do I know the temperature of the iron?

We suggest using a temperature gun for a precise reading on the iron. You can get these at most tool supply stores, like Home Depot or Grainger.

What temperature should we melt the wax on the iron?

We suggest the temperature of the iron to be around 250°F, and no hotter than 275°F. You should not heat the wax to the point where it is smoking, and always work in a well-ventilated room. The wax on the base of the skis should not exceed 225°F to get the saturation penetrated into the skis. Wax should then be scraped off the skis at room temperature.

How can I find the best wax for my conditions?

We have various waxes for different air temperatures. When in doubt, Universal should always be a safe default.

NF Waxes Contain a small percentage of Meadowfoam for increased durability and penetration, resistance to dirt, and better glide.

  • WEND Universal: (10-40°F) Designed for old, new and artificial snow.
  • WEND Warm: (28°F& Above) Designed for wet and artificial snow.
  • WEND Mid: (14-28°F) Designed for new snow, moderate & artificial conditions.
  • WEND Cold: (10°F& Below) Designed for colder, dryer snow conditions.
  • WEND Graphite: (10-40°F) Designed for wet & slushy conditions.

MF Waxes Contain a high percentage of Meadowfoam which works similar to Fluoro, yet is bio friendly, resists dirt, and conditions your base significantly better! These waxes perform better than a Low Fluoro wax and are closer to the performance of a High Fluoro. They are best suited when snow humidity is above 50% or when snow starts to stick together like when you make a snowball.

  • WEND Universal: (10-40°F) Designed for old, new and artificial snow.
  • WEND Warm: (28°F& Above) Designed for wet and artificial snow.
  • WEND Mid: (14-28°F) Designed for new snow, moderate & artificial conditions.
  • WEND Cold: (10°F& Below) Designed for colder, dryer snow conditions.
  • WEND Graphite: (10-40°F) Designed for wet & slushy conditions.

HF Waxes Contain High Fluoro to give optimal glide in high humidity snow. These waxes are a must for race day.

  • WEND Universal: (10-40°F) Designed for old, new and artificial snow.
  • WEND Warm: (28°F& Above) Designed for wet and artificial snow.
  • WEND Mid: (14-28°F) Designed for new snow, moderate & artificial conditions.
  • WEND Cold: (10°F& Below) Designed for colder, dryer snow conditions.
  • WEND Graphite: (10-40°F) Designed for wet & slushy conditions.

How are our NF & Natural MF Performance waxes different than other competitor waxes?

WEND’s NF & Natural MF wax blends are different compounds in comparison to the regular paraffin waxes. We use our exclusive Meadowfoam waxes to create a proprietary blend that is classified natural, biodegradable, mountain/stream/soil friendly, and non-toxic.

What is the melting temp of WEND waxes?

Our waxes vary with lower melt temps of 60°C/140°F on the softer waxes like Base Prep Saturation/Warm/Mid up to higher melt temps of 75°C/167°F for the harder waxes like Cold & XCold. In using our Meadowfoam waxes in the harder formulas we are able to achieve lower melt points.

Why is Meadowfoam better?

It is truly unreal how there is a visible difference in wax absorption with the Meadowfoam products. There is an action of “transferring” wax into the pores. For example: When WEND MF Natural Liquid Hot Box is used, and skis are left base up, you can see the oil levels penetrating deep into the pores. Often times there will be some areas of deeper penetration where the oil has completely absorbed into the base. Increasing the amount of Liquid Hot Box creates a more consistent look to the base. You can also visually see when a base is burned, as the oil does not penetrate and it leaves a glossy area in the base. When wax is applied over any MF liquid oil product, the molten wax heats the oil and lubricates the wax. This process enables the wax to get deep into the pores as the oil rises to the surface. This transfer provides deeper penetration as well as more wax absorbing into the base.

What is Meadowfoam?

WEND Meadowfoam Snow Wax is derived from the seeds of commercial Meadowfoam flowers (Limnanthes alba) grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Meadowfoam Seed Oil is a fully refined triglyceride composed of over 98% fatty acids with chain lengths of 20 carbons or more. The wax is a light-colored, odor free product prized for its exceptional oxidative stability and functionality in a wide range of products and formulations. WEND has exclusivity of Meadowfoam—it meets the industry standard & company standard for durability and repellency in quality snow wax.

*We are no longer able to process international orders due to daily fluctuations in international shipping costs. Please reach out to us at wax@waxresearch.com to place your order so we can get you an up-to-date shipping quote.


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