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4 Things You Need To Know About WEND Meadowfoam Waxes

Sometimes your destiny lines up right in front of you.  In the late 1960’s, John Dahl began developing ski wax for his new brand, US Ski Wax.  In 1971, he used his expertise to craft Wax Research’s breakthrough snow wax formulas.   During the winter of 1975/76, he lived at the Iron Blossom, skiing Little Cottonwood and working with top skiers to fine tune the line.

Meadowfoam Flower Field Fast forward to 2009.  While visiting friends Gerry Lopez and Gordon Clark in Oregon, John’s wife Cris noticed hillsides blanketed with beautiful flowers appearing like a layer of blinding white foam.  She dug deeper, discovering that this flower, called Meadowfoam (MF), is grown for its seed oil.  After some breakneck investigation, the Dahl’s secured a deal with the co-op Natural Plant Products for the exclusive rights to use Meadowfoam oil and waxes in their WEND snow formulas.  Science aside you just know.  Three years of development led to the WEND MF line in 2011.

Meadowfoam Flower Seed Oil Here are a few interesting facts you should know about WEND Wax’s use of Meadowfoam:

  1. Earth-friendly. MF Natural wax is a proprietary blend that is classified natural organic, biodegradable, mountain/stream/soil friendly, and non-toxic.
  2. High Performance. MF waxes contain a high percentage of Meadowfoam which works similar to fluoro, yet conditions your base significantly better! These waxes perform better than a Low Fluoro wax and are similar in performance to Mid Fluoro waxes, imparting fantastic glide characteristic as well as durability.
  3. Penetration. MF When wax is applied over any MF liquid oil product, the molten wax heats the oil and lubricates the wax. This process enables the wax to get deep into the base as the oil rises from the pores. This transfer provides deeper penetration as well as more wax absorbing into the base.
  4. All-star team. World class athletes like Daron Rahlves, Kazu Kokubo, Lindsey Jacobellis, Nick Goepper, Alex Deibold, Heather McPhie and John Teller testify to WEND MF’s outstanding performance and speed.

WEND’s MF Natural line includes standout products MF Natural Cleaner/Conditioner, Liquid Juice, and Liquid Hot Box. See what some of the top athletes, coaches and techs are saying about them: http://wendwaxworks.com/pages/testimonials

*We are no longer able to process international orders due to daily fluctuations in international shipping costs. Please reach out to us at wax@waxresearch.com to place your order so we can get you an up-to-date shipping quote.


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