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Summer Camp Suggestions - 9 Things to Consider

As summer is coming to a close, and you are counting down the days until the snow season comes around again, I bet you are wondering how to never have this long between ski trips again. The solution? Summer ski and snowboard camps! You don’t have to go 6 months without putting those boots on. Start planning now for next summer and you, too, can have an endless winter. And summer camp is not just for kids, I myself attended a summer snowboard camp as an adult and it changed my life. I then went to work at that very camp the next summer and the following 6 summers after that. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Top 3 Tips-

  1. GO. Please go to summer camp. It will be awesome and fun and totally worth it! Guaranteed.

  2. If you are under 18… pay for it yourself. It will be super rewarding, teach you some life lessons, and make it way easier to convince your parents to let you go! Let’s say you need $2000 to attend summer camp. That would be setting aside $167 per month, or about $40 a week. With planning and determination, you can do it! Babysit for 3 hours a week, or save that lunch money your folks give you and make yourself a PB&J instead. So easy!

  3. Pack A LOT of socks. And underwear while we’re at it. You will use at 2 pairs of socks and underwear per day. After a day on hill you will be soaking wet, and while you can set your socks out to dry after you get off hill, no one likes putting crusty socks on in the morning, worse yet wet socks because you forgot to bring them in at night and they got wet all over again.

What to expect-

  1. Lots and lots of new friends. No matter what level you are in skiing or snowboarding, you will meet people at your ability level who are just like you, super amped on skiing or snowboarding! You will also make friends with people better than you who will help you improve and inspire you to keep pushing yourself. Everyone who attends camp loves snowsports and is there to have a blast and improve their skills. This makes for an awesome ambiance around camp, and it is so fun to be around others with similar passions.

  2. You will do lots of things other than ski or snowboard! You will hike, you will bike, you will skate, you will watch movies, you will play dodgeball, you will eat snacks, you will do arts and crafts, and you will most likely get some free stuff. So it is a summer camp after all. Try these new things out, don’t just sit after your morning on the mountain and watch TV, do that at home.

  3. Your life after camp will never be the same. You will meet so many new people, have so many awesome experiences, and it is so amazing 24/7 that regular life will feel a bit dull in comparison. But no worries! Start saving again and next summer will be here before you know it!

My Top 3 Camps- (check online for dates, details and current pricing)

  1. High Cascade Snowboard Camp- Government Camp, Mt. Hood, OR. In my biased opinion, one of the best summer camps out there. They have adult camps, grom camps, photo camps, all amazing! Located in the village of Government Camp, there are a few shops, great food stands and two watering holes. Plus the resort is 20 minutes away, great hiking is up the street and the lake is 5 miles down the road. Snowboarding only. $1795 The Lodge option, $2095 Chalet option, $2245 Adult Chalet. http://www.highcascade.com/

  2. Windells Camp- Welches, Mt. Hood, OR. Located in the middle of the forest, Windells has that quintessential summer camp feeling. Plus they have ski, skate and BMX camps, unlike HCSC. Their indoor and outdoor skate facilities are incredible and their location is a bit closer to civilization. This camp also has adult sessions all summer long! And if you go and fall so in love you don’t want to leave, you don’t have to, just enroll in the Windells Academy, learn and ride all year. $1699-$1799 depending on the session. http://windells.com/

  3. South American Snow Sessions- Catedral Alta Patagonia, Argentina. Now, I don’t know much about SASS, only that it is awesome. If you want to have an out of the country adventure and some incredible skiing and riding, this is for you! Their session dates are super flexible, so you can customize your camp/vacation experience. Stay on the slopes, and have the world’s top skiers and snowboards as your guides. $2595 over 18, 8 day session, $2793 under 18 8 day sessions. http://www.sassglobaltravel.com/argentina/

Runner Up- Camp of Champions – Whistler, BC, Canada. Premier ski and snowboard camp (and mountain biking too!), located in the heart of the adorable and super fun Whistler Village ski town. $2395 deluxe camp (includes coaching). http://campofchampions.com/

Parting Words- My 10th suggestion regarding summer snowboard camps, is to make sure and wax your board!! Seriously. Conditions are so different in the summer than in the winter. Make sure you use a warm weather wax, and hopefully you will be able to get the speed you need in the slush, won't damage your base as much if you run over the occasional lava rock, and will slide better on those wet boxes and rails. Good luck, and God speed!


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