WEND Bike Introduces First Colored Chain Lubricant in the WORLD!

Makers of the first ever "rub-on" chain wax bring six Day-Glo® shades to market.


VISTA, Calif. – WEND Bike—makers of the first-ever “rub-on" wax-based lubricant—excitedly introduces the first-ever colored chain lubricant in the world to the cycling market. Utilizing a sophisticated paraffin based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants including Zinc and Teflon™, WEND’s Spectrum collection reveals the bright side of performance and inspires individuality through a collection of colors like cycling’s never seen before.

“Our mission at WEND is to follow suit with the legacy of Wax Research—which means we’re all about creating unconventional formulas that work along with bringing products to market that no one has ever created before,” says company co-founder Ryan Dahl. “This collection isn’t just big for us at WEND, it’s exciting for the entire cycling community and we’re happy to introduce something unique and fun that works even better than it looks.”

Adding fluorescent flair to its existing product lineup, WEND Spectrum is available in six beaming Day-Glo® shades—Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Pink.

“I have been hooked on WEND ever since it helped me smash the Belgian Waffle Ride in conditions that would normally leave your chain loud and junky feeling—and now I get to do it with a pink chain!” says gravel slayer Larissa Connors. “Cycling is meant to be as fun as possible, and colored lubricant makes riding bikes even more fun than it was before.”

Introduced in 2015, WEND Bike’s proven lubricants work together to create a chain wax that promotes a quiet, clean, and efficient drivetrain. Extending the benefits of a waxed chain to riders without the hassle of traditional waxing methods, all WEND bike “rub-on” products are applied manually and worked into the links resulting in a ride that’s smooth, quiet and resistant to the elements within minutes of application. In addition to its line of “rub-on” products, WEND also offers factory waxed chains and hot wax kits for the highest quality wax jobs at home.

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