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Seven Springs Mountain Superpark 19

It would be difficult for one in the "snowboard world" to ask, "Dude, did Snowboarder Mag's Superpark happen yet this year?"  If you have to ask that question the answer will most likely be no - either that or you probably live the wonderful life of living in a forest with absolutely zero internet connection or any access to any type of social media.  If that is the case, you rule.  However, since we are on the topic of Superpark...

Superpark is one of the biggest park events that we look forward to all year - which, afterwards, we will no longer have the freedom to forget about it's existence for the following eight months due to the bountiful amount of photos and video edits Snowboarder Mag, different filmers, brands and riders have turned out since the end of the event's first day.  And here we are, adding to that long list of ever-existing articles about this year's Superpark 19.  Hey, we never said we didn't like having a large abundance of Superpark footy - what else are we supposed to do over the next five months before our local mountains start opening back up?  Sit in our rooms and sulk about how mom and dad wouldn't let us go to summer camp at High Cascade this year?  Well, maybe, but either way, we have put together a nice little post containing a few (...out of five thousand...) of our favorite Superpark 19 edits featuring some of our very own WEND Team Riders including Erik Leon, Ryan Paul, Mike Gray, Brock Crouch and Red Gerard, not to mention some of our personal favorites - Desiree Melancon, Ben Ferguson, Scotty Vine and ... Can we name all three hundred participants? No?  Okay well, let us remind you that this year's Superpark was a special one.  For the first time in the 19 years of Superpark's existence, the event was held at Seven Springs Mountain, the first time the event had ever made it East of the Mississippi.  Partnering up with PistenBully and the legendary park crews of Bear Mountain and Boreal, Seven Springs housed three separate parks, each representing it's builders' home mountains.

Take a peek at what you've probably already seen, but what we highly suggest is that you put these all on repeat.  Do it.

Superpark 19 Presented By Nexen Tire: Seven Springs Zone Video

Choking?  Needing some air?  The Seven Springs Zone will help you catch all the air you need.  With a double sided hip boosting these guys to some of the highest hip airs you've ever seen, you'll remember what it's like to catch air, then hold onto it.  Or maybe not.  These seem to be some of the biggest airs we've seen off a hip! WEND Team Riders Featured:  Brock Crouch, Erik Leon and Red Gerard


Superpark 19 Presented by Nexen Tire: Bear Mountain Zone Video

Bear Mountain are creative geniuses when it comes to parks. With the amount of snow they had to work with, the Bear Mountain park crew created a land made purely for endless possibilites to any creative transition you can think of. Endless. This will make you want to get back to your "Weekend-Warrior" routine. WEND Team Riders Featured: Erik Leon, Red Gerard and Ryan Paul


Arbor Snowboards Video Log: Superpark 19

The Arbor crew made a rad edit as well. WEND Team Riders Featured: Mike Gray and Erik Leon

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