WEND Bike Introduces First Colored Chain Lubricant in the WORLD!

Makers of the first ever "rub-on" chain wax bring six Day-Glo® shades to market.


VISTA, Calif. – WEND Bike—makers of the first-ever “rub-on" wax-based lubricant—excitedly introduces the first-ever colored chain lubricant in the world to the cycling market. Utilizing a sophisticated paraffin based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers as well as proven lubricants including Zinc and Teflon™, WEND’s Spectrum collection reveals the bright side of performance and inspires individuality through a collection of colors like cycling’s never seen before.

“Our mission at WEND is to follow suit with the legacy of Wax Research—which means we’re all about creating unconventional formulas that work along with bringing products to market that no one has ever created before,” says company co-founder Ryan Dahl. “This collection isn’t just big for us at WEND, it’s exciting for the entire cycling community and we’re happy to introduce something unique and fun that works even better than it looks.”

Adding fluorescent flair to its existing product lineup, WEND Spectrum is available in six beaming Day-Glo® shades—Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Pink.

“I have been hooked on WEND ever since it helped me smash the Belgian Waffle Ride in conditions that would normally leave your chain loud and junky feeling—and now I get to do it with a pink chain!” says gravel slayer Larissa Connors. “Cycling is meant to be as fun as possible, and colored lubricant makes riding bikes even more fun than it was before.”

Introduced in 2015, WEND Bike’s proven lubricants work together to create a chain wax that promotes a quiet, clean, and efficient drivetrain. Extending the benefits of a waxed chain to riders without the hassle of traditional waxing methods, all WEND bike “rub-on” products are applied manually and worked into the links resulting in a ride that’s smooth, quiet and resistant to the elements within minutes of application. In addition to its line of “rub-on” products, WEND also offers factory waxed chains and hot wax kits for the highest quality wax jobs at home.

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Team Valoche

Our friends over at Team Valoche are at it again!  With another hilarious edit from their cross-country ski team, we can't wait to get back into winter!

Snowboarder Magazine's The Launch 2016 presented by Volcom at Bear Mountain



We are stoked to gain our annual springtime shred stoke from the godly amount of photos Snowboarder Magazine supplies us through their online galleries during The Launch.  This year The Launch was brought back down to Bear Mountain just in time for a spring break filled with grey skies and incredibly strange winds - a day differing from Bear Mountain's daily standard of year round t-shirt laps.  Regardless - spins were spun, flips were flipped, and rails were ridden.


Head over to SNOWBOARDERMAG for the gallery and recap of Day 1!  Keep a lookout for snaps of WEND team riders Valentino Guseli and Edward Enyart in the Day 1 gallery!  More to come from WEND team riders Red Gerard, Toby Miller, Seamus O'Connor, and Ryan Wachendorfer later this week!



Stay tuned for more to come this week . . .

686 Seconds Teaser

The 686 Seconds Teaser is Finally Here

The teaser - it's finally here, just in time to prep us for the overload of stoke we will experience next week at the World Premiere of 686's film 686 Seconds.  Keep an eye out for WEND Team Rider Mike Gray's clip around 1:30!  Peep the teaser, read the words, get ready to have a good time.

686 Seconds Teaser 

The teaser - it's finally here, just in time to prep us for the overload of stoke we will experience next week at the World Premiere of 686's film 686 Seconds.  Keep an eye out for WEND Team Rider Mike Gray's clip around 1:30!  Peep the teaser, read the words, get ready to have a good time.  

Words: 686
After 23 years as innovators in the outerwear industry, 686 has finally amassed a family of global pro’s and am’s down to present snowboarding as seen through our eyes. What stared as a question of how can we fill 686 seconds, became a full length 36 minute film featuring all of our family.

Included riders are; Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Ian Hart, Austin Young, John Murphy, Mike Gray, Matt Wainhouse. We also introduce new heavy hitters, Tor Lundstrom, Matt Belize, Forrest Burki and Enzo Nilo and round out the mix with Forest Bailey, Cam Pierce, Sammy Luebke, Sebi Geiger and Marco Feichtner.

Directed by Ian Post

World Premiere is at the Attic in Hollywood, CA on 09/17/15. Open to the public, 21 and older.


SUPERPARK 19 - Snowboarder Magazine | WEND Waxworks

SUPERPARK 19  - Snowboarder Magazine  |  WEND Waxworks Just a Portion of the Lifetime Supply of Superpark 19 Video Edits

Seven Springs Mountain Superpark 19

It would be difficult for one in the "snowboard world" to ask, "Dude, did Snowboarder Mag's Superpark happen yet this year?"  If you have to ask that question the answer will most likely be no - either that or you probably live the wonderful life of living in a forest with absolutely zero internet connection or any access to any type of social media.  If that is the case, you rule.  However, since we are on the topic of Superpark...

Superpark is one of the biggest park events that we look forward to all year - which, afterwards, we will no longer have the freedom to forget about it's existence for the following eight months due to the bountiful amount of photos and video edits Snowboarder Mag, different filmers, brands and riders have turned out since the end of the event's first day.  And here we are, adding to that long list of ever-existing articles about this year's Superpark 19.  Hey, we never said we didn't like having a large abundance of Superpark footy - what else are we supposed to do over the next five months before our local mountains start opening back up?  Sit in our rooms and sulk about how mom and dad wouldn't let us go to summer camp at High Cascade this year?  Well, maybe, but either way, we have put together a nice little post containing a few (...out of five thousand...) of our favorite Superpark 19 edits featuring some of our very own WEND Team Riders including Erik Leon, Ryan Paul, Mike Gray, Brock Crouch and Red Gerard, not to mention some of our personal favorites - Desiree Melancon, Ben Ferguson, Scotty Vine and ... Can we name all three hundred participants? No?  Okay well, let us remind you that this year's Superpark was a special one.  For the first time in the 19 years of Superpark's existence, the event was held at Seven Springs Mountain, the first time the event had ever made it East of the Mississippi.  Partnering up with PistenBully and the legendary park crews of Bear Mountain and Boreal, Seven Springs housed three separate parks, each representing it's builders' home mountains.

Take a peek at what you've probably already seen, but what we highly suggest is that you put these all on repeat.  Do it.

Superpark 19 Presented By Nexen Tire: Seven Springs Zone Video

Choking?  Needing some air?  The Seven Springs Zone will help you catch all the air you need.  With a double sided hip boosting these guys to some of the highest hip airs you've ever seen, you'll remember what it's like to catch air, then hold onto it.  Or maybe not.  These seem to be some of the biggest airs we've seen off a hip! WEND Team Riders Featured:  Brock Crouch, Erik Leon and Red Gerard


Superpark 19 Presented by Nexen Tire: Bear Mountain Zone Video

Bear Mountain are creative geniuses when it comes to parks. With the amount of snow they had to work with, the Bear Mountain park crew created a land made purely for endless possibilites to any creative transition you can think of. Endless. This will make you want to get back to your "Weekend-Warrior" routine. WEND Team Riders Featured: Erik Leon, Red Gerard and Ryan Paul


Arbor Snowboards Video Log: Superpark 19

The Arbor crew made a rad edit as well. WEND Team Riders Featured: Mike Gray and Erik Leon

WEND Team Makes Podium at Dew Tour, Dirksen Derby, and Pano NorAm

Several WEND athletes kicked off their ski and snowboard seasons in a big way this past weekend, competing and earning podium spots in multiple events across North America.

At the Dew Tour in Breckenridge Nick Goepper pushed through a snowy final run to place 3rd in Ski Slopestyle. Other WEND athletes who competed in the event included McRae Williams (7th, Ski Slopestyle), Simon Dumont (8th, Ski Superpipe), Robby Franco, and Anais Caradeux.

Dew  Tour Podium

WEND Wax made its way on to the bases of several other athletes at the Dew Tour, helping them overcome the challenge of Sunday’s fresh snow and slow conditions.  Oystein Braten, Norwegian Freeski team, along with head coach Luke “Ocho” Allen, showed how WEND Wax can get you there with a 2nd place podium.  WEND’s partnership with USSA gave the US Freeskiing tech’s the advantage to dominate the top 5 with Gus Kenworthy‘s winning performance and Joss Christensen’s strong  5th place finish.

Out on the West Coast, WEND team athlete Alex Deibold raced at Mt. Bachelor’s Dirksen Derby and made the podium with a solid 3rd place finish.


Alpine racer and WEND athlete Tommy Ford, making his first appearance since his January 2013 injury, showed that determination and hard work pays off with a notable 3rd place podium in the NorAm Slalom at Panorama, BC.

Tommy Ford places 1st in Canada

“We couldn’t be more proud of all our athletes who competed this past week” said Wax Research owner John Dahl. “It’s an honor to be able to support them and provide the wax they need to achieve such stellar results.  We’re looking forward to seeing their continued success this winter!”

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