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HCSC Session 5 Photo Recap

High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 5 Recap

Words: HCSC Photos: Chris Moran & Danny Kern

JoeSexton HCSC Hike danny kern Signature Session™ Joe Sexton says "Nevermind the lifts, let's hike!" photo: Danny Kern

Five down and one to go! Session 5 at High Cascade Snowboard Camp has come to a close and Signature Session™ Pros Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk, Danimals, Joe Sexton, and Hana Beaman brought the party! Everyone was here for the snowboard bash and campers, staff members, and guests were slashin’ slush up on Mount Hood. Eight warm, sunny days on the Palmer snowfield were topped off with a little camper-only sneak peak of the new Videograss film right here in Government Camp, Oregon. Stay tuned for the Session 5 Video Recap and more of the festivities to come out of Mount Hood.

Chris Fellner HCSC BigGapToFakie Danny Kern Chris Fellner isn't scared to really go the distance and sends it to flat over this chunder gap. photo: Danny Kern

Front Blunt Indy Jake Aronson Danny Kern HCSC Jake Aaronson demonstrates the ol' grab and grinder. photo: Danny Kern

John Murphy HCSC melonToFakie With style that speaks for itself, Joh Murphy lofts this melon-to-fakie on an Oregon evening. photo: Danny Kern

Kyle Cross FS3toFakie HCSC Danny Kern Camper and NHD hopeful Kyle Cross lofts out a FS3-to-Fakie on the QP. photo: Danny Kern

For more information on High Cascade Snowboard Camp, visit or reach out to a snowboarder via phone at 503.206.8520.

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