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HCSC Hosts WEND Waxing Clinics

WEND Waxing Clinics at High Cascade


photos & words by Chris Moran With record high temps on Mt. Hood this summer, here at High Cascade, there are a few essentials in one's snowboarding kit that are vital for shred survival on the Volcano. Clean/dry socks are essential for comfort, also your roommates will thank you for not filling up the apartment with that musty boot order we all adore. Sunscreen, unless you want your face to look like grandpa's elbow, apply and re-apply generously. And the most important of essentials for maximum fun, of course, wax. We're snowboarding on a giant volcano. Unless you've gone snow-blind, you'll notice we aren't exactly riding fresh powder. This hundred year old snow below your board is a mix of salt, minerals, dirt, and more salt. Like sunscreen, apply wax and re-apply generously. If I see you stuck in the middle of the park and feel a spray of cold snow go down your back as I go surfing on by, don't say I didn't warn you.








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